Summer 2020

We are responding to COVID-19 by creating play programs that are safe, innovative and keep kids developing and having fun during this unprecedented time.


As a program, Sandlot thrives on the challenge to innovate and adapt to changes in sports and the needs of kids.  We have decided to address the challenge of returning to play after COVID-19 by creating three phases.  Instead of one season, our goal is to play 3 seasons this summer.

PHASE ONE: DUNEDIN.  Focus is on small groups (under 10) and programs are geared to training, with a focus on throwing and hitting.  This is also a phase to teach kids how to play but with new rules of social distancing and other precautions. (June 22 - August 2)

Throwing Club/Hitting Club Schedule

PHASE TWO:  OMAHA.  Named after the host city of the College World Series, this phase is focused on the return to competition.  We anticipate increasing the size of Skirmishes, introducing pitching to live batters and bringing back Wiffle Ball games. 

PHASE THREE:  SANDLOT.  The final phase will see us create a short season for our flagship program.  This is where we can have 10-12 kids together, training, competing and playing games.  

This is just our road map.  Safety and government restrictions will always guide our actions and we will modify our plan accordingly.  

CURRENT programs

The Skirmish program is the perfect way to respond to ever changing restrictions and concerns.  Organized as pickup style games.  We can alter number of kids with ease and customize gameplay.  It is also flexible for families in schedule. 


Outdoor batting practice using a variety of training aids.  We end each session with a HR Derby.


Our Sandlot Program is currently on hold until restrictions are eased and we can have more than 10 players together on field.  


We do not need games or team practices to develop our throwing.  Sandlot instructors will work with small groups to train throwing through drills and throwing games.


A special program deigned for 5 to 7 year olds.  This program works on introducing kids to baseball skill, while also promoting the need to train long term athletic development.

covid procedures

Every Sandlot program will have strict adherence to provincial rules and restrictions.  This includes restrictions on participants, sanitization and gameplay.

Sanitization:  Hand sanitizer and sanitization wipes will be widely available at the diamond.  Players will sanitize their hands at start and throughout session when necessary.  

Physical Distancing:  During all drill work, participants will be kept 2m (6 feet) away from other players at all time.  Instructors will do all ball collection.  Instructors will remain distanced when possible and will wear a mask when that is not possible.

Equipment:  There is very little equipment sharing.  Players will use their own bats.  For throwing drills, players will have their own set of baseballs.  Where an item must be shared, it will be sanitized between each use.

Parents:  The parking lot provides full view of the field and so we are asking all parents to remain at the lot.  You can park facing diamond and/or setup a chair and watch from just behind RF.  Please remain distanced from other parents. 


If you don't enjoy Sandlot or feel your child had a great experience, we will refund your full entry fee!



Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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